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September 20, 2023

Introducing Vital Certificates Qatar – The newest branch of Vital Certificates!

Exciting news from Vital Certificates - we're opening a new branch!

For over 15 years we have been providing top class document legalisation services for our clients across the globe. We’ve made the process of relocating overseas a breeze for countless customers and now we are excited to be putting down roots in Doha!

A parcel of documents being handed over as part of Qatar legalisation

What services will Vital Certificates offer in Qatar?

We can handle every aspect of document legalisation (otherwise known as attestation), including translation and processing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

When you need to present documents overseas, whether for employment, business, or any other reason, you’ll need to have them legalised. The legalisation process can be complicated and time-consuming; it's a maze of embassies, government departments and stamps. Not only that, but the processes could change at any time.

It’s the last thing anyone wants to be worrying about when they’ve already got a lot going on. That’s where we come in. We take care of document legalisation on behalf of our clients. If you need help with Qatar legalisation, click the button below:

With an office in Qatar, we’ve got feet on the ground to take care of legalisation in-country. Our 100% Acceptance Guarantee gives our clients peace of mind that their documents will be fit for purpose, meaning they can focus on planning all the other important stuff. 

Who’s going to be spearheading the Qatar branch? 

Nicola Jones, our wonderful Business Development Manager, is heading up our Vital Certificates office in Doha, Qatar. 

Nicola has been living in Doha for 12 years and as a UK national, she has first-hand experience of the document legalisation process in Qatar. She’s been there, done that. Now, she’s turning her attentions to helping others make the move that proved so successful for her!

An image of Nicola Jones, business development manager of Vital Certificate's Qatar legalisation branch.

Backed by a team of legalisation experts in London, Yorkshire and Dubai (with over 160 years combined experience between them), Nicola is your first point of call for any legalisation queries for Qatar. 

How can I get in touch with Vital Certificates Qatar? 

You can visit our website, call us on +974 30841318, or drop us an email at  

Why Qatar? 

To put it simply, Qatar is a country on the rise. With its modern infrastructure, excellent healthcare and seriously impressive educational programmes, it’s easy to see why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for expats. 

It’s a country with a vision - the Qatar National Vision 2030, to be exact. It’s an initiative seeking to boost the standard of living, protect the environment, promote sustainable living, and generally make Qatar an attractive place to live. The long-term goal is to raise Qatar’s profile on the world stage. 

Already we can see that it’s working. Once upon a time, the thought of a country in the Middle-East hosting the FIFA World Cup was a pipe-dream. But in 2022, Qatar successfully hosted an incredible World Cup that made the world take notice. They’ve put themselves firmly on the radar of any future global events. 

On a business level, we’ve already legalised countless documents for use in Qatar. That’s countless people we’ve helped to establish a new life, or conduct business in the country. Qatar legalisation is second nature to us. Many of our customers have asked us if we have an office in Qatar that they could send their documents to. We don’t like to disappoint, so it seemed like a natural step to establish Vital Certificates Qatar! 

How can Vital Certificates help me with Qatar legalisation? 

If you’re in Qatar and you have any documents that need legalising, we can take care of it for you. Why worry about the processes yourself? Why spend your own time trying to navigate the complexities of Qatar legalisation? Vital Certificates Qatar can take care of it for you – all you need to do is send us your documents.

We’re confident in the service we offer and we’re excited to be able to offer it the Qatar market. Check out our reviews and see for yourself what our previous clients have to say. 

You can visit our website at, call Nicola on +974 3084 1318 or drop her an email at We can’t wait to help you with your documentation for Qatar. I thought it might be nice to let our from CEO, Matt Lawless, have the final word:

I am absolutely delighted that we are finally able to better support our clients directly in Qatar. With 100's of companies already trusting Vital in Qatar, we see this move as a way to increase the number of companies that will benefit from premium-quality legalisation services in the region.

With a focus on world-class service, a network of over 90 partners around the world to support documents wherever they were issued, and real visibility throughout the legalisation process, Vital treats every document as if it was their own.

Nicola joins us at a time of huge expansion and I am 100% confident that she will transform the way that legalisation is offered in Qatar.’

Get in touch by phone, email, or Whatsapp. We're available between Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5:30PM.

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Declan Ramsden

By Declan Ramsden

Declan is a Content Creator at Vital Certificates. He studied English Literature for 4 years before joining the company. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to retro music and reading classic novels – particularly Charles Dickens!
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